About Alatar

Our Purpose

To help you, the Con-goer not get so stressed out over the weekend! This is a place to get away and have fun, so let's keep it that way, shall we?

Your reason

There's a certain area in your body that's been bothering you, right? It would almost be vain for a Massage Therapist to NOT work on it!

Wherever the issue may be, Alatar will be there to help alleviate that ache/pain.

Everyone's Safety

Because we're in a public space, all clothes will remain on during the session. So there's no need to worry about any "Acts" occurring.

Rest assured!

What do you offer?

Our cost

  • 10$ for 12 Minutes
  • 20$ for 24 Minutes
  • 30$ for 35 Minutes

2-5 Minute Bonus, atop of the service?! 

That's right!

Money can be tight, 

no matter where you go.

Where else can you get such an offer?!

We'll wait...but not for too long.

We may need to be at a con...

Choose Between: 

Table Massage

Excellent if you have issues in the lower back, legs, or just looking for an all-around bodywork!

Chair Massage

Best for those who have issues in the neck and shoulder region, or just a quick fixer-upper!